152 How to monitor what your competition is doing so you can build better backlinks

Gain a better understanding on how to monitor what your competition is doing so you can build better backlinks. You must avoid to violate google rules as this would lead to penalties. When you are using a tool like diib.com or ahref you can see what your competitors are doing in order to rank ahead of your website.

Many tools are focused on google as this is the market leader. Nevertheless, there is a corelation between your ranking on google and the ranking on bing and yahoo. Hence, a good position in yahoo might help you move one step up. If yandex decides your content is very good, google might try to reevaluate your content or even index it again.

Using above mentioned tools you can see how many backlinks that competitor has and where they have been placed. You might even be able to see how beneficial they are. You might want to try to get a link on that particular site. In some cases it would not be wise to try to be located on the same website. Hence, some backlinks have negative impact on that competitor’s ranking.

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