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Today’s topic: How to increase your personal and business wealth using the stock market

People are gambling their savings and retirement piggy banks just in the hope to become billionaires. They follow blindly agitators and let themselves become human bots.

This somehow reminds me of Douglas Adams book “the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy“.

The stockmarket offers many opportunities to make people’s savings work harder that being lazy in a savings account that does not generate any real interest.

After having been making and losing money on the stock market in the past 30 years, I would like to share with my listeners a set of educational episodes to help them use the market in a safer and smarter way. This will not make you a billionaire, but it gets you the cash you need to move from a savings account to eventually a board member of a VC.

I lost 15 years ago 3x the money I invested in the stock market with a commitment outside the stock market. That shows that you can not blaim all losses to wall street. Humans make stupid decisions and waste the cash on stupid people!

So be sensible and learn from the wisdom i am willing to share with you.

Disclaimer: this is no financial advice! I am not promoting any particular stock or group. I am sharing with you my thoughts and experience on how to avoid loosing money.

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