Be sensible and do not gamble on the stock market. Instead learn from this episode how to start small and end with a healthy financial backbone by listening to this episode on:

How do you use funds to scale your financial capabilites versus using a savings account

Learn how you can gradually build up your financial assets even if you can only save $50 €100 or 200 pounds every month. Start small and avoid wasting your money on a savings account as only the bank is making money at your expense.

The opportunity you choose should be in correlation to your financial scalability. If you have saved unter $10,000 stay out of the stock maket and do not buy shares.

Here are my key trading rules:

  1. use your brain
  2. don’t be greedy and don’t gamble
  3. don’t listen to the bank
  4. educate yourself using true knowledge
  5. Go against the tide
  6. Never invest money you can not say good bye

My key trading rules are part of risk management. When you violate them, the risk of loosing money exits any strateosphere above you.

Don’t be silly and blow the money in your chimney.

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