The global economy has suddenly started to slow again. It is not due to President Trump getting into a negotiations battle with mighty China. It is because a virus has massively stopped chinese factories producing products. Shipments have slowed down also because customs and logistics companies are trying to minimize the risk exposure.

Yes, the corona virus is costing lives. The CIVID19 virus is a new kind of virus the world has not publicly known until now. We were all busy discussing vaccinations againjst other illnesses but we did not think about how our way of living is actually impacting nature.

Nature finds its way to respond to the threat a species is putting upon her. Now we see that airlines are massively laying off staff and cutting its number of connections by 60% or more. Air freight is also at its lowest since the last massive recession.

The stock exchanges are going nuts. The crypto currency people are hailing their prophets while others are calling for the apocalyptic event.

Lets put aside all this crazy talk and get down to what really matters when we have to keep jobs and economies alive

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