When we want to make our lives easier and safer we can use innovative solutions that have technology such as virtual reality. You need to be on a mission to overcome the objections, rejections and obstacles. As an innovator you can change the world by introducing new technology and creating safer jobs. We can no longer feel stuck in old paths of thought.

We learn from history whether it is about what kind of inventions came from peacetime, wartime, warzones, pandemics or lone islands.

Even when you are in love you can invent something that will help you and many others. Your true passion as inventor is for that fuel that drives you to push forward every day to work on solving that mystical challange you have decided on cracking.

Se how your mindset is very different from those you never even make an attempt at solving a problem. Be disruptive in your thoughts. Change the world by introducing new products, services and thoughts into your world.

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