People tell you out there to put your money into their investments. The bankers tell you to buy stocks. Marketers tell you to avdvertise on facebook now as every nutcase is …

Are you smart or just following the flock? Do you really know what you should do when investing your hard earned money? Put it to work where it well grounded.

Yes i have invested in stocks and made lots of money. I have also lost it. I even fell for scams in the crypto currency and did not notice it till it was late.

I learned a lot from my and other people’s mistakes. I started looking at the differences of when i doubled my cash in 4 months by being well informed and willing to take a calculated risk. When i didn’t bother to validate what was proposed to me i lost a lot more money. I even bought into products that were garbage or totally unnecessary.

When i looked into the core secrets i got told at early age, i wondered why i had gone so off my path. There were so many attractive temptations. They were sweet and attractive but turned out to be barbed wire.

Look at what i am going to tell you. I have no remorse. I have no conflict of interest in what i am telling you here. I do not want to sell you anything. I just giving you my perpective on the world of investing money with what is less a waste of time.

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