Did anyone tell you how you make money when everyone is scared? why should you not put your money into an investment where everybody is running to catch? Maybe you are smarter than the flow that just follows attractive claims.

Do you really want to have a different life? It is not about being average. Things can turn very ugly in the dark when you find yourself alone. People tend to question you. They love to call you ugly names. Why do you listen. Well we listen to remind us that this is the vibration we should keep away from as it is an alarming sound.

Do you really want to have sustainable profits then you need to step back and evaluate what is happening. Imagine yourself sitting on that wall. You look down at that scappy piece of green. It is starting to get windy but you are holding tight to that wall. The stones on that wall are not even. they are rough. You hands are still holding tight. You look out into the distance as things evolve.

Then you recognize the opportunity and jump off that wall. It is time to focus on opportunities that have value to communities. Listen to what could help you and what might burn you.

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