Business owners seem to be paralysed by the current pandemic crisis. They get to hear and see multiple confusing recommendations. They are supposed spend all their budget in ads or in cold calling or video marketing or other stuff. They should turn their business into media companies. If these entrepreneurs never did anything with social media, they will feel very uncomfortable on camera. They will burn cash and eventually be worse off after the crisis compared to those who did nothing.

Christian tries to help the listeners remain calm. Having focus is so important. You are reading and hearing about small and big companies going out of business. You are becoming anxious about your own future. How will people change their way of doing business?

Christian has a realistic set of tasks for you to get your marketing plan structured and on track. No crazy actions or fake marketing. No nonsense. No waste of cash on pointless ads. Deliver value in the right way and you will be rewarded.

What to focus your marketing on this year

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