Topic: Don’t Just Survive in This Environment, THRIVE

Questions discussed during this episode:

1) What does it mean to establish control over a client relationship, and what are the consequences for not doing so?

2) What are the biggest challenges financial advisors face when acquiring new clients?

3) What is multi-disciplinary networking and why is it important?

Thrive! Who is Carter Wilcoxson?


For close to two decades, Carter Wilcoxson has helped the top advisors in the US break their own production records. Plus, he works directly with consumers to gain the frontline perspective faced by advisors.

As a visionary leader, Carter Wilcoxson founded CSI Financial Group ( to bring together advisors and consumers by providing mutually beneficial solutions.

The result of this was the creation of CSI’s Advisor Partner Platform. This revolutionary approach features a comprehensive collection of field-tested strategies designed to have an incredible impact on customers and their client-centric experience, as well as for their Advisor Partner Network.

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