How can startups get their productivity to generate more revenue

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Enjoy this podcast episode where Christian discusses with Antonio Thornton following hot topic:

How can startups get their productivity to a level that actually benefits their sales teams to generate more revenue.

Key learning: productivity, time management, removing fears & barriers in sales calls

How business loan brokers can help startups get the needed seed funding

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Listen to this podcast episode 228 where Christian discusses with Oz Konar: How business loan brokers can help startups get the needed seed funding.

Oz Konar is based in Pennsylvania: Oz is an entrepreneur who created the training program, Business Lending Blueprint. He is the author of two books and is regularly featured in publications such as Entrepreneur and The Huffington Post. Oz educates listeners on how to build better credit, and how to grow a six figure business as a business loan broker.

Online shopping happens today in dominant platforms

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Online shopping happens in dominant platforms. Succeed as retailer by redesigning entire market entry strategy and leadership style. Retailers need to gain back that confidence in their ability to reinvent your business. Everybody reads about them not paying their rent or even treating staff badly. Successful retailers redesign their entire logistical software and infrastructure. As a business leader you are the captain. Never leave a man or woman behind. You need everybody pulling on the ropes. Ranks and entitlements no longer count. To be a leader you must embrace change and willing to be like a spead boat.