111. Fasttrack: Healthy IT Infrastructure keeps customers happy

By Christian Bartsch

Understanding how to develop a sustainable information technology strategy helps improve the quality of service as well as profitability of the business. Today, companies are highly dependent on their computer technology. In order for that to actually deliver proper insights you need to gather insights from all levels of the organisation. Purely relying on data reports will only lead to a myoptic approach to a systemic crisis.

How startups can benefit from closing the VC Diversity Gap

By Christian Bartsch

1) Why diversifying both by gender and race in VC’s and Angel Investors makes good economic sense?
2) Why investors are looking to invest into more diverse founding teams?
3) Why people of both gender and people of color make a winning difference in startups?

Marjorie Radlo-Zandi is a Angel Investor and board member of several tech companies. She is based in the Boston area.