Christian has written several books on sustainability & governance

Writing books on Managment and sustainability is increasingly an even more inter-connected subject. This is because many companies can no logner ignore the need to be more responsible in their way of conducting business. Hence, they have to look a how they affect the environment and the local communities

Any local and global business is no longer capable of ignoring the calls by legislators and environmentally aware clients to improve their track record. We have seen many activist groups disrupting public life and businesses. 

Nevertheless, it is not acceptable to fake environmental behaviour or utilize greenwashing to continue polluting the environment just to achieve greater profits. The insane reality even goes as far as some market participants paying lobbyist influence politicians. Some will even bribe activists to attack their competitors so to make them look bad. 

Christian’s books on sustanable business strategies are also complemented by industry focused books on how to apply ESG in a particular industry efficiently and to grow market share by behaving better

His critical books also highlight the dark side that tries to kill businesses and innovations which are intended to become alternatives to heavily polluting business models.


Following list contains books published in English:


Introductory books to ESG

The Sustainable Business Idea

A pocket guide to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)”

This book is focused on ESG’s effects on businesses. Those in a C-level position have to handle a variety of challenges when it comes to Governance and Evironmental strategy. The ESG taxonomy is going to disadvantage companies who have not understood how and why to apply ESG strategies in their organization. 

Instead of piling up legal texts this book expains in layment terms and gives examples on how to use ESG without burning cash and market share on wrong implementations.


This book is available in 2 formats:

Here you can read more about what the book has to offer and why any business owner or corporate leader must read this book. 


Books on Fraud and Greenwashing

The Dirty ESG Truth

The big ESG lie that could kill our planet

The big ESG lie that could kill our planet is hidden every day by misleading press articles and dishonest lobbying to achieve false flag recruitment of politicians. Not enough? Fake videos are trying to convince the public to hate on innovative companies trying to save the planet.

This book will wash away the green paint covering the dirt

Disclosing the fake narrative of polluting industries who green wash their unethical business models. Recognize how the manipulative ESG Mafia uses fake news to defame impactful innovators like Musk. See through the FUD of lobbyists as they mislead society and honest politicians.

This book will be available in 2 formats:

Here you can read more about what the book has to offer and why any innovator, environmentalist, ethical business owner or distinguished corporate leader must read this book. 

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