Ecommerce SEO tips – easy and profitable

In this FastTrack Episode Christian Bartsch helps you with these Ecommerce SEO tips pull out of a dying retail to a more flexible and cost efficient eCommerce set up. You can not continue as before. The world has rapidly changed. The pain that small shops and big retail stores have been going through in the last 48 months has now massively turned into a retail coma. Physical shop floors have become a financial and physical threat to the existance of many small and medium sized businesses due to riots and looting. Not everywhere riots have stabed small shop owners chances to rescue their business from insolvency.

Consumers and companies have switched to buying their much needed supplies online. The prices for webcams more than doubled the prices of 2019. Make sense of what kind of steps will help you thrive again. Start immediately moving your stock from shop floor to online shop database. Listen to these Ecommerce SEO tips as your online store needs to be strategically set up for success. You have to do your homework fast and do not copy the product description without doing improvements. You have to become more of a practitioner. Listen to a practitioner who does both strategy and hands-on marketing. Our advantage is that we practitioners listen to other practitioners and learn from their mistakes and aha moments.

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Transcript of this SEO related episode

[00:00:01] In my last fast track, I was speaking about e-commerce: How to get your business out of the retail environment and into the e-commerce place, which moves you certainly into a business e-commerce logistics organization out of the brick and mortar and into e-commerce. Cutting your costs, speeding up your time to market and getting out in front of those people who actually want to have your products.


[00:00:30] So, you’ve got your site on. You’ve got everything more or less ready. You’ve started feeding your shop with your products. Go and upload, as well some images. If you have to do your own images, depending on what kind of product you are selling, then you maybe even have to do a quick team set up.

[00:00:55] Go on, get one or two guys to go and do your product photographing. They should do it quickly and properly, get a good proper camera equipment set up. And these light photo boxes, they just cost like a hundred dollars or so. Go and use that. Be fast. Don’t overcomplicate things.

[00:01:18] Take fast, quick, multiple images and you can even go and create even especially skip script during a thing. If you’ve got a good programmer, he can build a script where you can then downscaled the images so that you have got a small and a big size. We did as well for a real estate project. A similar thing where we uploaded from the software of 300+ estate agents: the data & images and that was rescale in different versions, added logos and so on and so on. But nonetheless, key thing is you have to speed up.

Ecommerce SEO tips for your product description

[00:01:53] You need to get your product description properly. Select two or three people who then go actively into these products that you’ve then uploaded, collected with the images and so on. Start writing a nice short description, writing as well, an extensive description, some content you can find anywhere. Yes, but rewrite it. Don’t just copy and paste. It’s not good. It’s not going to help you from a search engine perspective. It’s not going to help you and it might even hurt you in the long run.

[00:02:25] You want to stand out. You want to be in your niche, the market dominator. But in the overall global perspective or regional perspective, you will usually be number two, which gives you a higher strength, because many people always say, yeah, you have to be number one. When number one get usually hit with all the garbage that’s flying all the debris. You don’t need to get the debris because you are right behind him and he is covering you, which is very nice. You don’t get all the dirt on you. So do that improves your product description. Be faster.

Ecommerce SEO tips for picking the right keywords

[00:03:04] Focus aswell on some proper good keywords that really relate to what your audience will be looking for, what they would be buying. Think of their train of thought and not yours. It’s what they look, not where you look and use that to maximize the search ability off your product. Allow, of course, search engines to search your database. I mean, to search our Web site, your shop.

[00:03:34] The best thing to have a dedicated domain for that. As I said, Iike a >>shop dot your domain<<, which allows this way to later on use that power, that strength of search ability and maybe other existing search ability of other subdomains to replicate to your shop. This is a good advantage if you’ve already done your homework in the area of back links. So that’s something you can do. It’s, of course, a bit time consuming, but if you set your mind onto it and do it properly the longtail benefints will gradually appear. Work through the entire thing, start getting the stuff out, start connecting.

Strategic branding and platform considerations

[00:04:16] You can, of course, depending on your product, see whether you can do as well as some kind of inter connection feeding to other platforms such as eBay, for instance. If that makes sense, you have to decide as well, of course, whether you really want that.

[00:04:31] It’s a branding and sales platform topic, which is important because as soon as you are only on that other people’s platform and I mean, e.g. with eBay, you are then only selling your stuff on eBay and you have repetitive products. So let’s say, for instance, you have products like, for instance, phones, you have mugs or furniture, anything that you repeatedly produce in the same way and only you produce then it doesn’t really make much sense in the long run, if you are leading everybody to eBay.

[00:05:10] You want to build your customer database, you want to have the contacts, eMail addresses and so on. Text messages and all these things are often not passed on from amazon or from eBay to you as a retailer or even the manufacturer who does their direct sales. So you should focus on having your core sales platform inside your own perimeter. So you must be the master of the data. You must be master of the place where they buy!

What do big brands use to dominate?

[00:05:43] So, if you say: I have my own shop. Look out, for instance, companies like Nike or Apple. Apple has its own Apple stores. So people are going there. They have their own big platform. They are the brand. Yes, but they also have their sales premises. That’s the key thing you have to have as well in your digital world where we are all being forced to move to and we are renavigating the orientating ourselves.

[00:06:13] We are focusing on the places. And if you are able to get your people to remember and know, they have to go there. That’s where you get them. You will be able to big your tribe, your community. That’s what’s the future for that. Go and do that. Focus on improving your search ability of your products.