3D Scanning of products differentiate you from the pack

2D & 3D Scanning of products leads to a new type of buyer experience in ecommerce. That is why a few market participants are able to compete against some of the big ecommerce giants like amazon.com who has far greater scale. Most online retailers are not bothering to create quality product sheets. That is why many new online shops eventually get deserted. They close down as the amount of sales do not justify the set up costs of that site. Understand that some shortcuts will hurt you massively in a financial and technical aspect.

If you use new methods of product marketing you will see an increase in conversion

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Transcript of this episode on 3D Scanners

[00:00:01] So in today’s fast track, we’re going to look at how 3D scanning of products can change the buying experience in e-commerce. Well, you’d think, I just need to take a few photos of my product, or maybe I’ll take a photo of a product from the manufacturer website or from a competitor’s website. Especially if you are selling an e-commerce product that is being manufactured by somebody else. You haven’t gotten on your own products, but you’re actually just selling goods from somebody else, you must develop a unique advantage. That’s the competitive advantage that gives you by having more content about the product. Showing as well the product the way, it looks for that I as the buyer have the feeling that I’m actually looking at it, as if it was in front of me. That’s something you can do with 3-D scanners.

[00:00:58]  I even have a 3-D scanner here just next to me standing that I bought a few years ago from a crowdsourcing project where then I invested as well in that start up. I find it such an interesting and cool thing. The technology is still developing and it’s definitely a very different thing than if you just take normal regular photography.

Is everybody doing 3D scanning of products?

[00:01:23] So you actually need both if you want to have a big advantage, because I’d say 95 or 99 percent of companies who are doing e-commerce and selling somebody else’s products are actually just using photos. They’re maybe using stock photos or photos from the manufacturers. So, you don’t actually really experience the product itself. And for some products, it is not really worth it. But if you have a high quantity of this product and it’s always the same product, then it’s worth taking the extra effort.

[00:01:56] And those business that is doing that and putting that effort in there, massively increasing their sales. Of course, you could say, well, but Amazon isn’t doing that. And the thing is, Amazon has a huge market share.

[00:02:10] Maybe your e-commerce site, your online shop or whatever doesn’t have that market share. So, you have to somehow be ahead and you have to build your own community. You have to give them a reason to go and visit your site, get informed and buy from you.

Why should i buy from your online store?

[00:02:27] The same thing would be if, let’s say you are selling flight simulators and that. There would be several companies who are selling flight simulator software and equipment and jokes and paddles and all this kind of stuff. That’s all fine. Fine. But if you are not unique and not providing any kind of service that’s unique and giving any value.

[00:02:53] Why should I go and come back to your site? It’s just because I maybe get it for five dollars cheaper. That’s not going to really make me buy. There, of course, is a difference, if I buy it from you and next day, it’s on my on my desk and it’s awesome. In many cases, when they tried to go cheap, they take some shipping service that’s really cheap and it takes three, four, five days.

[00:03:20] I recently ordered this were from companies were a product and it took 30 days and the other product needed about four days or so. When we ship our stuff, when we sell stuff on e-commerce platforms that we have and that this stuff is usually next day or so there.

How does shipping of ordered products affect a second purchase?

[00:03:44] Yes, If we are selling, for instance, stuff that’s being shipped to other places in Europe, for instance, then it’ll take time. Especially with the current situation, with some countries having still having lockdown’s and logistical issues and that it’ll take longer. But still, we’ve got clients who are in Cyprus, who are in Sweden and so on, all these different places from up to down France and Spain and so on. And they’re getting this stuff quite timely.

[00:04:16] The infrastructure locally isn’t always the best thing, but it is all possible if you do the right things. For instance, I had today as well a negotiation with a logistics company where we’ve agreed as well on an additional service for shipping, which is quite a good thing to do. So, we are cutting as well, 25 percent our shipping costs with that. Nevertheless, you have to first get people to go to your web site as well, a reason to click on the buy now button. That’s the thing. So, that’s something you have to really do.

How about selling your own products online?

[00:04:52] It’s not a big effort if it’s a few focused products that you’re doing. Not like a thousand products that only sold once, but a few products where you say, “OK, I want to put the extra effort and be ahead of competition”. It’s even more worth the effort, if you’ve got your own products. If you are manufacturing themselves, whether you are using somebody else’s factory but it’s your thing, your product, your idea that you’re doing. Then it’s definitely much easier to do that because you are not actually competing on price and same value. So that’s something I should always avoid competing on price because that’s not worth it. You don’t want that kind of sales opportunities.


[00:05:38] So I hope this was interesting for you. Our next topic will be about, how buyers recognize good customer service, especially when it’s about the proactive approach that’s being used.