Good customer service is not derived from overpromissing or giving discounts every time. It is in the interest of your customers and company to create a relationship with your customer base. How do you get to make buyers come back and buy again? You need a proactive approach when you want to have customers demanding to only buy from you. That is when brand insistence becomes a vital part of your marketing strategy. Some people claim its only up to the sales strategy to ensure buyers keep coming back for more.

Fasttrack: How buyers recognize good customer service when proactive approach is used

How customer lifetime value matters? It has a direct impact on your longterm profitability and business performance

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Transcript of this episode on customer experience

[00:00:00] So in this fast track, we’re going to look into the idea of how buyers recognize good customer service. It is actually about the situation when we are using the proactive approach. So what’s actually this proactive approach? It’s about being ahead of time when you are going to communicate. Some companies, whether it’s in e-commerce or not, B2B, B2C, it doesn’t matter, they often wait until: the porridge is cold, the hot dog has fallen on the table or the dog has got the steak and run away.

Proactive customer service creates brands

[00:00:48] We want to be proactive in the customer service that we provide to our customers. It means as well by our way of communication. You’d think especially communication companies know it even better. You’ll be puzzled how many communication companies actually do not use their true talents of communicating with their own clients. So how does that actually apply when we are looking at businesses that are providing e-commerce or SAAS solutions.

[00:01:24] So we always have different kind of buyer experience and a different buyer’s path from seeing ad or reading content about this stuff to actually than clicking on buy. And then eventually it’s worth keeping and using and even rebuying. There’s a big difference. The key thing is usually the longevity that we can create. That’s actually initiated as well by the proactive approach that we use because we actually already seed planting a positive experience in the people’s mind.

Good customer service affects positively the profitability margin

[00:01:58] So people want to have good customer service, but good customer service doesn’t mean that they straight away can solve everything, but they’re actually following up. Let’s say you have a problem with a product or you have a problem with finding the right product to order. You’re not sure whether this will be compatible, whether it’s the right thing.

[00:02:23] That’s even for sales, presales and other areas of business an excellent opportunity not only to show that they care about the clients, but actually that they are willing to invest the time and effort to actually advice a client in the best possible way, to find whether they are on the right product. You want get them to buy the right product, because buying the right product means this client is going to be happy. He’s going to be satisfied with the product, with investment, with the performance of whatever he bought.

The customer journey affects longterm customer loyalty

[00:02:58] He will be most likely a real expert to travel up the customer journey ladder, which means eventually, maybe buy next time something new, bigger and larger, because he has or she has been able to actually develop the skills and knowledge, all the things that they require as a buyer, to actually be able to get the most out of a product. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about a phone or software or a yoga mat or a bottle of water. Even if it’s a recipe book or anything, It does not matter. It’s the key thing: How do we do proactively and especially if we’ve got an issue and things can always happen.

Taking care of your buyers is ofstrategic importance

[00:03:49] When you’ve got a problem and you notice that they take care and they really care, you might cancel the order and you reorder the right thing, you’re satisfied, you are happy, and you tell others: “they really care and they are providing a really good service.”

[00:04:08] That’s where you get them positive word of mouth, which is then much more powerful than the negativity that you create, If customers are very unhappy. If we let customers just really gradually cook and become really agitated and really negative, then we have a big problem because it affects us as well. It doesn’t matter whether it affects our staff or us personally as entrepreneurs, as leaders, team leaders, us as managers, employers. Doesn’t matter.

Satisfied customers are better promoters

[00:04:40] Even as colleagues who might be not in the position to tell another guy what to do. It actually it enables us by being proactive to solve and help each other to get the customer satisfied. Even maybe getting other comes the most from other competitors to come over because the noticed actually that the service is far superior than what they have experience from the other organizations because maybe they’re just don’t respond or maybe this stuff is just doesn’t work. So try to use that, you have to be proactive in your approach, how you communicate problems, how you can indicate things that may be affecting your supplies or affecting your ability to deliver or finalize a project or anything.

[00:05:31] Be proactive. Don’t wait until everything is the last minute. Rather proactive. Explain what you’re trying to do to soften the hit and maybe even speed up the process by catching up time instead of saying, OK, we can’t do this not and that’s why we won’t be able to finish the product. But if you are able to change something in the routine of what you are doing, then you might even become more qualitative in what you are delivering.

When people are interacting with your ads

[00:06:08] And when it comes to e-commerce definitely is so important, because if people already are getting annoyed at your Web site, the customer service and the way you answer questions and so on. How you even interact when people are interacting with your ads? It’s just crazy when you think of it that some companies just don’t interact. I remember, we had an event several months ago and we had over 700 comments on one of the ads. We provided information that people wanted and they were super happy. It improved also our conversion rate in that area.

[00:06:50] And our cost per acquisition went way down to a dollar 1.28. So that’s possible. The thing is, of course, it always depends what you’re selling and where you’re selling. Think of how you actually are building all the things and whether you’re taking the time to try to understand the mindset of your target audience.

Avoid attracting the wrong kind of buyers as this depletes your performance

[00:07:16] Who do you want as a client and who you don’t want? So it is important because if you attract the wrong kind of clients, you will have, even with proactive approach, a massive problem. You will constantly have to be proactive to try to extinguish fires that are happening right, left and center in your business because customers will be dissatisfied with the product quality and other kind of things.

[00:07:47] So there’s quite a lot of opportunity to improve things in your business, but you have to be strategic about it and know where to do it. Don’t be in an action taking situation where you just take action all the time and you have actually, no direction, because your business is going right and left all the time and you’re going crazy.

[00:08:10] So the next Fasttrack episode will be about increasing sales in the niche by using e-commerce as a source of revenue based on principles of longevity.