Listen to Episode 80 of our FastTrack series: Where can you become better as a creative person or engineer? Recognize the areas you need to focus on improving your mindset and adding valuable skills. Employeers want employees that are keen on the kind of projects that company is working on. Leaders act as role models to some people who later on start their own businesses. Hence, a creative person can have a significant impact on the future of the next generations. Today we see so many engineers trying to solve problems people could not grasp as to be solvable. They are coming up with ideas that are actually so simple but effective.



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Transcript of this episode for creative people

So today we’re talking about how you can become better as a creative person and as well as an engineer or programer. Whatever your field of expertize and as well true passion lies: – where you want to move something – where you really want to have an impact in what you are doing and why you’re doing it. It doesn’t matter whether you are entrepreneur or you are in a mindset where, say, “I am an employee. I want to be that I’m happy. I might even want to be maybe managing a few people. But I don’t want to have my own business. I don’t want to have to handle this in this kind of stuff. I’m happy, or at least at the moment, and maybe later on when I have more experience, I might want to have my own business. It doesn’t matter.” We can all improve and we have to improve all.

Learn new things to gain experiences you can share

As we grow older, we learn new things. We gain experiences and have as well some experiences to share. The great thing is when you are able to work to receive experiences from people who are much older than yourself and you are benefiting from their life experience in a positive way: If you are able to experience from people who have been doing a lot of projects. People have been in business; who have led big organizations or build their own companies.

If you are actually able to learn and adapt, that’s something good. But nevertheless, let’s have a quick look at how a creative person could be of benefit. Let’s say, from my own business. So somebody was creative. What do I mean by that? Somebody who, for instance, can do copywriting. Somebody could do video, animation, graphics, infographics, anything in the area of active video recording (video Gramling). These are people who have quite some special and unique talents.

A creative persons can develop more skills by learning

They can learn and develop more skills by learning: how to use more professional equipment, how to be more strategic in their planning, planning ahead of time what they’re going to record, what subjects, keywords and to get ideas as well ahead of time. As I am doing now this fast track, I’ve got here in front of me seven different topics for the next fast track episodes that I’m going to be recording. So I even go and start thinking ahead of time what I’m going to talk about. I actually think about why I’m going to take this topic, what’s all about it and what’s in it for me and for you. It’s not just on you or my entertainment, but it’s actually for you to benefit and learn from it.

If you’re an engineer, who loves developing products. You like mechanics, you like electronics and programing. Maybe you are absolutely into Internet of things (IoT). maybe you love programing cloud applications. That’s the kind of people that we are looking as well for our business. We are looking for people who are highly motivated. It’s not just about that. You say you have one job. No, no. If you just want a job, we are the wrong place. I speak for many other entrepreneurs who are looking for this kind of quality people. We want people who are highly motivated that have a reason why they want to contribute to what we’re doing and that are willing to learn, willing to be as well coached internally, and are open for new things that they do not know about.

Age is no barrier for a creative person

Every day we all learn something. It doesn’t matter whether we are 20, whether we are 30, 40, 45, 47, 50 or even 80, it doesn’t matter. We all learn every day something new. And that old saying of you can teach an old dog new tricks. That’s absolutely wrong. That’s an old, outdated mindset because it actually would then state the fact that people are over a certain age, are just non adaptable. They’re not willing to learn anything. And that’s actually not right. There are plenty of people. They can be beyond retirement age and they’re still wanting to learn something.

They go to university and study stuff. I have a great aunt that even did after retirement her PhD. She hadn’t studied before. She had kids. She had no time for this in her earlier years. She went and studied and got her PhD at the age of 72. So if she can do it at 72, you can educate yourself as well in new directions. I’m not talking about you getting a PhD. You don’t need that. You have to develop your own inner PhD, your own inner ability to take your life into a more positive direction. As for changing your mindset, we are so driven by negative thoughts due to negative input. Places like Facebook have so much garbage on there being posted. Do the people not have a job or business to run? They have the entire day time to post garbage on social media. That’s a good sign. You don’t want to be surrounded by that kind of people. You want to have impactful content.

Develop your abilities to be a innovative engineer

You want to think and change your mindset and develop your abilities. Even if you are an employee you might desire a better boss. You want to have someone who you can bounce an idea off? You want a boss that is willing to exchange ideas and figure out what could be a path to follow. You want a boss who is supportive, willing to think with you, talk with you and discuss with you an idea. You do not want a boss that belittles you and kicks you out of his office without willingness to support innovative people.

Your boss must support your creative ideas

That’s definitely not the way that I ever would want to have to work with somebody else like that. I expect you to have creative ideas. That’s why I find it so important for our children, our younger generation, to be able to be creative. I would say to our kids: If you are creative, even if you are five years old or six, seven years, … doesn’t matter as long you few have the fantasy. If you are able to keep and protect your fantasy, you are able as an adult to solve a problem that otherwise everybody else says you can’t solve. This creativity made things possible like aircraft. Many people said you can’t fly. And all this Icarus and all these other people who then tried to be a bird and fell off the mountain and got killed. But many people are trying to find out how it works. We’ve got so much stuff that is being used nowadays where many people said it doesn’t work.

Become your boss if necessary

When people eventually said, “OK. My boss thinks it doesn’t work. I do it myself.“, that became a massive success. It doesn’t mean that you have to be becoming an entrepreneur. Maybe it’s just a matter of fact of thinking, “OK, maybe I’m working for the wrong company and I want to work for some money business.” Am I actively supported with my ideas? The boss is actually interested and thinks it’s a good idea to at least look into it and try to find if that’s possible, because maybe that idea doesn’t work. But maybe your 2nd idea is so crashing, because you learned from the first idea, then it becomes something massively powerful and giant. Unbelievable revenue is a result from this development process. It doesn’t matter if you are a creative, an engineer, programmer or marketing person … this creativity that’s what we need.

We need to be able to think outside of everything that usually society says is only possible within these barriers. We don’t want any kind of barriers. We want to be out there. Even if it means us going into nature and just listening to the birds: looking at what nature has done and created. We can do that, too. We just can’t be saying all the time is not possible. First, you have to try and find out what’s really possible. Then figure out how you can actually get it into a more harmonic connection for it and turn it into a business product. So that’s something I can really think about. Whether you are actively satisfied in the business that you are now as an employee and whether you’re actively really wanting to change your life.

Improve your attitude for a brighter future

There are opportunities coming up whether you are in the East Coast. Whether you are in any of Florida and Michigan as well. New York. Even places like Ontario, that there’s plenty of opportunities coming up in the future, or if you are maybe living in Hamburg or in Stockholm or somewhere north of London, Manchester, Liverpool, there are lots of opportunities evolving. It’s about thinking, how can I improve my life? How can improve my attitude, my approach to business, my approach to my work. Where is really my true passion? Be willing to develop that  and to learn new skills. Things will be changing to the positive.

Whether it’s your health, your approach or relationships and other kind of things, even your friendships Well, you have to validate and say, “OK, are these these people the right people I want to have in my network or not?” You have to be able to actually remove these negative people from your environment to really actively improve your own state of mind and your wellbeing. You’d be astonished how you can really improve that. It doesn’t matter whether you are interested to go into e-commerce, whether you’re interested to go into a technology business and develop new products, whether you’re interested in programing and on artificial intelligence, design, marketing, business development, all these areas and lots of opportunities coming up.

Who do you really want to be hiring?

I see that whether we are hiring or other business that we work together. There’s so much stuff coming up. It’s it’s awesome. And people at the moment are saying, oh, there’s so much scarcity of good jobs. There is a scarcity because often the mindset is wrong. Attitudes of people are changing. Our behavior is changing. And it’s we’re changing the attitude of who we want to have as customers. So being more selective and actively protecting as well employees and the entire business mindset towards what can have a true longevity for everybody involved.

So I’d be talking more in the next few episodes as well about things relating to staff, staff, management, and as well how you as someone who maybe wants to change your job and change position, whether it’s inside your city, your area, whether you want to work more from home and want to have a business position somewhere where maybe you’re more supported, even if you’re working from home, where maybe have people that you can manage or maybe things that you are interested in working on, more very special projects that are exciting and failing and so future. And if head of future, then that’s something that you should look at in the future and follow this podcast’s soon, because I have some interesting news for you.