In this podcast episode I am discussing with Oren Greenberg (London, UK): How do we get the marketing to create a massive pull effect that people leave their comfort zone in order to become clients or passionate employees of this startup.

Who is Oren Greenberg?

Oren has a highly regarded digital strategy and commercial expertise to offer. His Marketing Consulting is based in London (UK). Oren is a On-Demand CMO, Startup Investor & Advisor.

He also a mentor in Virgin Startup, which is a not-for-profit company (founded by Richard Branson) supporting entrepreneurship in the UK .

He spends his days helping FTSE 250s and funded startups to navigate the perilous waters of growth and marketing.

He has contributed to the growth of client brands including Investec Bank, Peakon, Wonga, Wink Bingo, Nutmeg, Funding Circle, MarketInvoice and innovation incubation projects within Canon, HomeServe.

Oren knows how handle the big games in marketing as he managed over £10M marketing budgets. His impressive achievement included paid search campaigns with over 13.7 million key phrases.

He is also knowledgable on organic traffic growth and scaling paid search delivery. Oren has been featured in The Telegraph, Social Media Examiner and the HubSpot blog. Oren Greenberg is an instructor on Skillshare and Jolt.

This episode’s train of thought:

Our conversation matches todays challanges of new businesses that are in a situation “David vs Goliath“.

The discussions concept is based on a scenario where a startup enters a market. 3 big competitors have split up the market betweeen each other (Ratio 100% = 40-30-20-X). Theoretically there is still 10% of untapped market share and a potential that disatisfied customer base and frustrated employees might decide to shift over to the startup.

This is where we discuss how such a startup can successfully move up to taking the place of #3 in the market. The startup presumably has sufficient funds through investors. The challange of the business is not money but actually getting clients (60% B2C + 40% B2B) and skilled workers (e.g. engineers, IT, marketeers, etc.).

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