(148) How do you evaluate which backlinks are good link relevance.

Learn how to evaluate which backlinks have a good link relevance. The current algorithms of google look at the content of the seed websites and that of the site who is getting traffic passed on through that link.

Google matches the words on the seed subpage and the page of the other website where visitors are being taken too. If both sites have no obvious matching then that would be like linking a page about boats and a page on mountain climbing. That would make the search engine believe this is not a highly relevant connection between both sites.

Hence, the site might get just half of the potential score that could be passed on because the site has the words “boat tours in stockholm” and the other site “climbing african mountains”. If in contrast both sites would be about programming IoT devices then the link with pass on up to 100% of the available score to the target website.

This brings us to the Link semantic indexing which also often stated as LSI. If the seed website has the words “aircraft maintenance” and the other “aircraft repair parts” then google will notize its up to 75% relevant as the words repair and related to maintenance but not identical words.



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