Enjoy this epidode where christian discusses branding with Julius geis (based in Hawaii): How identity build branding attracts clients who really care about the true intrinsic reasons of your business.

Gain insights into how people (like Elon Musk) use their Identity to dominate their niche and attract the most engaged candidates.

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Christian has seen that startups and SMEs are most successful when they understand why and how to implement a strategy. To be consistent you must know the “where” of your journey.

Christian is passionate about technology driven business models and enjoys conversations with founders who are willing to put in the effort to build a sustainable business. That is why he is a board member of tech startups in multiple countries

He guides the entrepreneur along the the necessary steps. You need to know what to do when and how.

Furthermore, he advocates for more progressive universities that provide students up to date education. He has identified key trends that will influence the next 20 years of innovation. They significantly impact graduating students in their ability to build a career that has a real meaning and contributes to improving the world for the benefit of all creatures on the planet.

That is why he believes that we need more private universities with sustainable business models that actually deliver more than just a degree. They must be life changing so that the world also changes for the better. They provide problem solving knowledge, #confidence to bring about ideas and provide #mentorship based on life experiences.

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