As the world economy is battling with issues such as the corona virus, unstable regional economies and a variety of wars things need to change. Business leaders have a duty towards their employees and stock holders. Its is about how to innovate as a business. It is time to reevaluate all business processes and the relevant IT infrstructure. SMEs and corporations are moving towards SaaS Software as the cloud environment gives them more freedom in times of disruption.

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Companies are able to adapt their way of producing products. They change the formula to make products of higher quality and reduce the cost of manufacturing.

That is not all. Businesses need to change their way of organizing themselves. The organisations are changing the way they use their software to run the daily business. Sales teams need to learn new skills. Marketing adapts to a changed market.

This where the trend leads Chief Information Officers to deliver a better work environment for the entire organisation. More companies have moved towards the cloud. Some of them have been using horizontal SaaS software products for over 10 years. Now it is time for vertical SaaS solutions that reduce the pain inside the different organizational units.

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