Many companies suffer from a lack of revenue. This is partly to a desire to be perfect that creates never ending projects and neglecting the generation of cashflow. Startups that are growing within the first 5 years have been understanding that sales and marketing drive growth.

Neglecting this, is what can drive established companies out of business. The way of sales has been changing as we are in the era of social selling. No sales person can close a deal if he is not getting qualified leads. Hence, business owners need to invest in advertising and promoting their offers.

Hence, marketing and sales are so important for businesses that they need to put back their focus on this part of their businesses. The marketing has to target an ideal audience that really wants to buy their products. That is why sales and marketing drive growth for those who allocate a reasonable advertising budget. This is what Dean Graham and Christian Bartsch were highlighting also at their event in Johannesburg in 2019.

On the other hand sales teams need to exercise. Dean Graham tells us about all the important things an entrepreneur and sales leader needs to do. Listen to the conversation on apple podcast.

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