Episode 153: How to examine the health of your backlinks authority

Lets go a step deeper in to understanding how to examine the health of your backlinks authority by listening to this educational podcast relating to google ranking strategies.

As we heard in a previous episode, the authority of our links have a significant impact on our ability to rank on a position that will help our cause.

If we are a company that manufactures coffee machines then we want to be on the first page of google when people are looking for such devices. Hence, we need backlinks that convince google about the relevance and importance of our website being suggested to people searching for such products.

If we take great care in acquiring such good quality links then we need also to put the effort into writing good content. Unfortunately this does not mean you can go on holiday once you have those backlinks pointing at your website.

You have to regularly monitor what is happening to your website and important pages in that website of yours. Look where they score. Use professional tools as as they make you more efficient and accountable.

Also look at what is happening to the domain authority of the domains that have been beneficial to your own score. Have these websites been falling in rank or are they now permanently offline?

This might make it necessary to go search for new places to get your backlinks from. Link farms are not a good idea as they have no real value to visitors. Google is looking at such websites that are just a website full of links with no relationship to each other.


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