Many companies suffer from a lack of revenue when the economy weakens. Consider the way you have been attempting to generate leads and get them to become clients. Is your sales team having issues in generate sales from social media or paid advertising? The buyers behaviour has changed. Amazon Book Tip: ISBN: 9798488609907

Too many people have been trying to implement an unqualified way of pitching. The listeners have become imune to your messages. If you notice that in Q1/2020 your sales reports are indicating a substancial loss in revenue then you need to modify your way of executing your annual sales plan.

Social selling is no longer an attractive strategy to generate sales. Generating leads in places like LinkedIn by using specialized bots which spam contacts, is now an outdated strategy. So many people have copied that strategy and blasted a multitude of messages with no relevance for the recipients. Your key decision makers are growing impatient with this startegy that tries to post content in order to hide the fact that they are not provising value to their contacts.



Hence, it is time to step out of that silly rat race and stop following all those useless and overpriced LinkedIn courses that are pushing you and your sales team to implement a non-sustainable strategy. In reality this LinkedIn strategy is not a stratecy but just a bunch of clogging activities. It is degrading your value in the face of high quality leads. They feel like you are annoying them like that flie in the room they want to spray.

In a series of podcasts Christian Bartsch will be reviewing with several sales and marketing experts what the new way of selling and attracting will look like. This new way of sales requires also a new kind of software to help sales people be more effective in their prospecting and closing of deals. In the following episodes you will hear from people like Dean Graham and others.

Hence, business leaders must reconsider how they make use of their sales and marketing teams.

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