In this episode Christian is discussing search engine optimization strategies with Jarod Spiewak: How to make google love you?

By working on organic search call volume and conversion rate optimization businesses can build longterm lead generating marketing activities that help them scale their business even in the nice with out the budget of larger competitors.

Who is Jarod Spiewak?

Jarod Spiewak is the founder and lead strategist of Blue Dog Media, a boutique, strategy-first, agency that helps exceptional businesses run sophisticated ROI-positive marketing campaigns to fuel long-term growth, without all the typical agency BS.

After working in corporate America for a year and deciding it wasn’t for him, Jarod ventured back into the world of online marketing where he “absorbed knowledge like a sponge” working for $5/hr on the side to hone his skill.

Jarod didn’t feel as though the agency that he wanted to work for existed, so he started it instead. A boutique agency that values results, honest communication, transparency, education, and cutting through the BS.

Blue Dog Media’s focus is on generating an ROI – or – helping clients make more money than they invest. Some of Blue Dog Media’s success stories include helping a personal injury law firm increase their organic search call volume by over 170%, reducing the cost per conversion for a couples therapist by 75%, and improving the conversion rate for a criminal defense lawyer by over 320%.

As a boutique agency, Blue Dog Media works with a limited number of businesses at a time, as their focus is on getting results and improving the quality of their services, not making another sale.

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