Listen to my Interview with Steve Wozniak on how to get people to adopt innovative technology. Here I asked Steve how people can gain the necessary confidence to invest in forward thinking technology. People fear innovation when they do not understand it. Just look at what some very disruptive startups are up against. Consumers are unsure to buy. Old School Competitors are trying to push them out of the market. The benefits from some innovative inventions are so vital that people might feel uncomfortable to adopt them as they distrust them for the massive impact they will have in people’s lifes.

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Episode Transcript:

In todays episode I want to share with you my interview with Steve Wozniak.

For those who are not quite aware who Steve is …. or better known as WOZ, let me briefly introduce to you the co-founder of apple.

Steve Wozniak is an american electronics pioneer who in 1976 co-founded Apple Inc. together with Steve Jobs. He was the head behind many of the technological innovations that apple brought out. His business partner Steve Jobs was the creative genious behind the marketing and sales strategy of apple.

After permanently leaving Aple Steve went on to founding several companies in the field of technology and education.

Until today Steve Wozniak is focused on empowering young people to gain access to science and technology.

So lets listen into my conversation with Steve:

In todays times people hold back with innovation because they usually start thinking [the wrong stuff]. They are not sure what they want to do [about it].

Steve, so how can people gain the necessary confidence to invest in the future’s forward thinking technology?

okay, well one of the things is it often starts with parents. It doesn’t really you know you think schools are going to give you the education the path to your your future job and your future success and … and especially creating new technologies. Really it’s more like these maker groups and parents, who buy early kits for their kids. When I grew up, you know rector kids, and now it’s legos a lot of time, but you can buy these kits with little computers program. Hook them up to motors, make your own little robots, that run around. Getting those kind of that kind of an early start. It’s not worth any money yet you aren’t making things, that are money necessarily when you’re small!

But it’s going to get your head moving in the right path and it’s usually totally outside of school. You don’t get extrinsic rewards like pay and nice clothing and a jet airplane for it or even a company but those are the things, that let you decide this is what i want to do if i ever figure out the way to do it. I’m going to pay attention to the building pieces the building pieces of technology that build up bigger technologies we build a smartphone maybe

But it’s built out of a bunch of little chips, what chips are coming out today, what are the newest ones so somebody, who’s very up on that is going to be somebody, who’s actually involved in building things themselves as they as they develop them and that’s the best advice i can give, is just you know worry about it is going to come from the youth and you aren’t going to just oh i’m going to pick it up now and say what’s important and work on that if you don’t feel it you’re not going to go very far.



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