Episode 154: Listen to my conversation with JJ Caffey from San Fransciso about the new situation many workers find themselves as working from home has become a longterm reality.


Who is JJ Caffey?

JJ Caffey is an entrepreneur specializing in the future of work. As Founder & CEO of Order In, a private membership club for the leaders of remote work, JJ is building a better workday by researching, studying and developing the future of the office and work trends.

Why you need to listen to this episode:

Now more than ever employees are working from home due to COVID-19.

People are experiencing remote work for the first time and wondering will there be an office to go back to?

JJ offers listeners a better understanding of this new role as a remote worker and its effects. Listeners will better understand the relationship between physical space & productivity , building unity & culture among your team when you work remotely and isolation and lack of structure.






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