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Most entrepreneurs have a hard time building financial assets for a later period in life


1) What the steps to becoming capable to build financial assets?

2) With volatility in the markets people are being told that everything is bad. There must be a better alternative to doomsday. So, what should they focus on?

3) In order not to loose all their investments, how can people become educated investors who are savvy and ahead of market turns?

4) Open conversation on the key elements of this episode


Who is Damion Lupo?

Host of Financial Underdogs, author of unicornomics, and creator of Black Belt Wealth. He is based in Arizona (USA).

Damion is a black belt not only in martial arts but in real estate as well. He bought his first rental property with a VISA which opened the door (no pun intended) to him becoming the owner of 150 rental homes in less than five years.

In 2008, he lost the entire $20 million that he made investing in rentals, but over the past four years, Damion has reinvented his wealth and leveraged his experience into an 8-figure real estate investment business.

Today, he helps fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners to do the same.

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