Christian has published several books and magazines over the past 20 years. In this section of this personal page we hope to provide you with a reasonalbe overview of the many publications Christian has been responsible for.

Christian the Magazine Publisher

His first magazine he started in 2001 as an online magazine for Microsoft Certified Professionals. Together with MCTs from around the world the content of “MCSE Magazine” gradually grew. Later on he added in 2008 the educational and leasure online “afterwork magazine“. In 2018 his third and most advanced magazine became not only an online magazine but a printed one that was even available in the entertainment system of the Star Alliance. The Business Booster Today Magazine is available in over 53 countries. Great names like Dr. Demartini (book Author, MD & Speaker), Richard & Veronica Tan (Success resources Founders), Steve Miraboli and others have been featured in the magazines. Follow this link to find the list of magazines Christian Bartsch has been the publisher of.

Writing books is not easy but necessary

His first book he wrote in 2006 as a fiction story of a fighter pilot. This book was not published. As the book is very emotional and includes a combination of fiction and real events, it is not easy to complete. Sometime in the future he will complete the book.

In 2011 he published a german book on the data recovery profession after seeing how much people did not know about the industry. In this book he also provided helpful guidance on how to avoid the loss of data. This book eventually got onto Amazon in 2013 as 2nd edition. Now the book is in its 5th edition (Released 2020).

In 2021 the english edition of that data recovery book was finally released as other data recovery experts motivated him to put in the extra effort to translate the book and help educate people around the world, as they often saw how a lack of understanding allowed scammers around the world to damage the reputation of data recovery experts and rip off consumers/business leaders.

In 2018 Christian also published 2 books on bitcoin and alternative crypto currencies. There he looked into the technology and ways to invest. He provided there a reasonable guide to mitigate the risks of highly volatile investments.

Currently he is aiming at publishing a book on social marketing and social selling by the end of 2021.

Follow this link to find the list of book Christian has written and published.

data recovery book

Christian the Book reviewer

In the many years Christian published magazines he has reviewed books on behalf of publishers (e.g., Pearson, O’Reilly, Lonely Planet, Wiley, C.H.Beck, Microsoft, Redline, Hanser, Osbourne, Sybex, Randonhouse, Penguin, Harward, Gabler, … ) around the world. The books were on IT, business, marketing, sales, programming, education and many other subject areas.