Episode 151: Selecting an ideal wording for anchor texts as they are critical signals for relevance scoring

In this episode you will learn how to select an ideal wording for anchor texts as google derives from it critical signals for relevance scoring. Avoid having multiple links pointing at your website using the exaclty same anchor text.

There are 4 types of anchor texts:

A Brand Anchor Text contains the name of a brand or part of URL of that brands website. The Money Anchor Text has keywords which have a buying related CTA such as “Buy coloured socks”.

The 3rd type is a Compound Anchor Text which is a combination of a brand and a money keyword. This would be in our example: “Buy coloured happysocks”.

The 4thy type of anchor text is a text that is not related to the other 3 categories of anchor texts. Such a general purposed anchor text wourld be like “read more” or “download PDF”.

In order to avoid being penalized by google you should place your anchor texts where they are relevant and beneficial to the visitor.

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