Online shopping happens today in dominant platforms

By Christian Bartsch

Online shopping happens in dominant platforms. Succeed as retailer by redesigning entire market entry strategy and leadership style. Retailers need to gain back that confidence in their ability to reinvent your business. Everybody reads about them not paying their rent or even treating staff badly. Successful retailers redesign their entire logistical software and infrastructure. As a business leader you are the captain. Never leave a man or woman behind. You need everybody pulling on the ropes. Ranks and entitlements no longer count. To be a leader you must embrace change and willing to be like a spead boat.

87. How Retail needs to regain revenue

By Forum Admin

Gain an insight by listening to this Faststrack episode on how retail needs to regain revenue. The pandemic has hit small and big retailers around the globe. People are in fear of loosing their jobs or savings. Any time there could be a bank imploding and thereby destroying the retirement savings of millions of people. Politics is changing directions. Everyone if blaming each other for their failures. Citizens and retails seem to be frozen by the horrid daily news. There is a way to continue living and serving customers while protecting jobs.