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As an experienced IT Entrepreneur (SaaS, Forensics, BI Consulting) & International Marketing Expert he provides experience from multiple industries (BMW, KPMG, Siemens) and countries (DE, CA, UK). He has lived in countries such as Spain, Ecuador, Germany and the UK.

He is an entrepreneur who provides coaching for those who want to build and grow sustainable businesses world wide.

He trained at BMW HQ (Germany) on Automotive Business Management and was trained on Dealership Management in Sydney (Australia). He then studied IT at the Munich University of Applied Science (Germany) and then Management at the Monash University (Australia). He holds a Bachelor degree in Business & Commerce with Major in Management. He was awarded a price as best student in international marketing subject by Monash University and the leading Australian Export Consultancy Exportise.

He holds a multitude of certifications as (IT Systems, IT Security, Project Management, Trainer, IT Forensics, Fraud Examination). He was also trained by Microsoft in order to provide Trainings as MCT.

Christian is also an Advisor to the Security Services (Police & Military). Due to this he holds special security clearences and is regularly audited (private and business life) by the security authorities to ensure reliability. He has provided his forensics expertise to the authorities to resolve several court cases. Hereby bringing justice to the innocently accused in several countries. His expertise has been used for cases in Germany, Turkey, Austria, Sweden and Canada.

Furthermore also listed as an influencer (Lobbist) for the European Parliament as he and his fellow entrepreneurs advocate for an environment that helps entrepreneurs create more sustainable jobs.

He has experience of setting up companies in different countries, launching businesses in areas that are dominated by larger entities and finding the niche where these businesses can focus on growing a stable client base. He has had to deal with all the great and not so great sides of being in businesses.

He loves Sailing, Flying & Business.

His definate purpose is to help others build and grow sustainable businesses by providing business coaching.

The key to success is to never give up by being determined against all odds.