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Innovative Technology changes the world

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"The 5 Reasons You Must Be Innovating Your Business
to Grow Market Presence in 2022 And Beyond"

Automate 360°

Replace outdated technology and infrastructure with fast Edge Computing based on niche communication coverage for your vertical application needs


Cut unnecessary waste in your organisation and introduce rapid collaboration process in the context of your business

Innovate Leadership

Change the way your business thinks, reacts and drives growth so that your ideas become a dominant competitive advantage

Definate Purpose

Business | Innovation | Leadership

Christian wants to build bridges of innovation and knowledge transfer so that the world can become a better place for future generations.

Christian enjoys quality conversations with thought leaders from all walks of life that have their definate purpose driving their actions.

Fly above the clouds like a bird

Christian has a passion for aviation and technology

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Innovative things

Key Areas of Focus

SaaS Business Solutions Software

Enterprises depend on their data as it drives their entire value chain. Software as a Service delivers applications to home office and factories.

Edge Computing Infrastructure

Rapid data processing needs to happen where proximity to decision implementation can not endure latency nor connectivity issues.

Market Entry Strategies

As businesses expand they need to build their international marketing strategy so that their market entry can transition to market sustainability.

IoT Research Tech Innovator

As new products evolve, innovative thinking drives concepts in IoT labs. More speed, less cost and more efficiency with true usability.

Venture Capital Board member

Helping startups to get cash and keeping an eye on their leadership performance gets them to not waste time and money.

Mobile Communication Infrastructure

Bandwidth and connectivity influence the development of countries. Technologies like Satellite and 5G mmWave are game changers.

Aviation Private Pilot

Christian enjoys flying planes of different kinds (gliders, piston and helicopters) with the intention to get his ratings for a particular complex aircraft.

Innovative Walks Knowledge Transfer

Christian discusses trends and the evolution of new applications with leaders in business and science.

Foundation Board member

As a board member of a european tech foundation he contributes to innovative initiatives.

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