Christian has written several books on management, business & strategy

Writing books does not only take time but it also requires a good topic that is at the time of writing in alignment with the author. Hence, a book should always be targeted at a particular audience. Christians books have been published in English and German. Some of the books focus on an industry (e.g. aviation, data recovery, manufacturing), or technology (Edge Computing, IoT, Crypto Currency) or business strategies (Marketing, Sales, Leadership, Entrepreneurship).

Some of his books benefit from either his personal work experience or the insights he gained when advising clients. It does not matter if the person is a founder or a hired CEO of a DAX/FT100. The core fundamentals of leadership are often accompanied by the problem that some issues a leader can not discuss with his subordinates. Hence, he/she need a place to bounce off thoughts.

Mindfeeding is an important part of a leaders daily schedule. A MBA, Wealth or rank in an organisation can not be used as excuse for not aspiring to continuously educating oneself. A true leader motivates also other of any rank to also take time to read content that helps you improve your own human being.

Following list contains books published in English or German:


Management Strategy Books

Die IoT Strategie (=The IoT Strategy)

This book is focused on strategic use of IoT and innovative 5G solutions in a corporate context. Those in a C-level position have to handle a variety of challenges when it comes to selecting the right IoT strategy.

Consumer and business products are being turned into IoT capable devices. Mass production of such 5G connected technology can backfire.

It is scheduled to be published in Q2/2022

Leadership Strategy Books

Daily Planer

Be successful in business with Great Intention and Purpose

This time planer is intended to help entrepreneurs and business leaders be more intentional in the use of their time. Time is a limited commodity people often neglect.

This book is available in 1 format:

Paperback (click to buy on Amazon: B09QP9RSWN )