Where can you listen to the Podcast "The Growth zone"?

Christian’s podcast “The Growth Zone” is published on platforms such as iTunes, Audible, Gaana, Spotify, Soundcloud and Google Podcast. It is enjoyed by listners in over 57 countries. It is very popular in USA, Germany, France, Ireland and India. People listen to podcast because they want to mindfeed with positive content. They are not interested on negativity, political biggering or hate speech. This is why Christian not only selectes interesting content for each cepisode but also carefully selects who he takes onto his show.

As you will have seen from the list of guests on his podcast that he attracts people from all different places in the world and industries. You can listen to successful and inspiring guests. Men and wonem share their story and what they have to offer to our listeners for their journey in their business life.

Topics range from marketing & sales (e.g. business development, market entry), technology (e.g. IoT, hydrogen, 5G, Satelite technology, electric cars, aviation), software (CRM, AI, ML, ERP, SaaS) and leadership (mentors and CEOs).

AMAZON Audible / AMAZON Music

Christian has published several books and magazines in the past. Some of the books you can still buy in bookstores (Barnes & Noble) or online (AMAZON). If you want to enjoy a daily feed then you can also listen to him using either the amazon website the app on your smartphone.

You can listen to Christian’s Podcast here on Amazon: