Apply to be a podcast guest on Christian's Podcast

If you would like to be on Christian’s Podcast as a guest then you should apply here. Just look at his podcast guest list which will give you a taste for the personalities he has had on his show “The Growth Zone” that is published on platforms such as iTunes, Audible, Gaana, Spotify, Soundcloud and Google Podcast.

Tips for our guests

As we record our interviews in high quality audio please take into consideration these hints before logging into our virtual recording room:

  • ensure good internet connection.
  • do not use a smartphone for connecting to the room
  • do not use apple earpods to record
  • invest in a good microphone with pop-filter (~$80-$300)
  • We do NOT use zoom or skype to record!
  • use google chrome browser to log in!
  • if you did not get a link to the recording room, check your spam folder and contact us by Email/LinkedIn
  • Read our emails carefully: we provide tips and important infos before and after the recording session
  • Be on time, as we value your time and expect you to respect our time, too.
  • If you can’t log in to the recording room: don’t panic! Contact us by Linkedin/Whatsapp/Signal/Email and we will help you!