Advisory is more than Wisdom

Advisory? Leaders in large organisations usually have no one to bounce off ideas or issues that are borthering them. The core reason for this difficulty is that it would undermine the competence and authority of the leader should he ask an employee to mentor him.

A leader needs an outsider to guide him/her passed rocks in the path to achievement.

Ask for help in confidence, trust and privacy

A CEO or entrepreneur should usually know the business numbers and be 8 steps ahead of the competition. Such statements sound easy but in reality, Trends evolve on multiple parallel paths at different speeds. Pureply relying on market research and internal numbers drives executives into a false sense of knowing it all.


Board Member - Advisory & Management

Christian adds value to a variety of organisations in Europe and North America by being a member of the advisory board or management board.

Sometimes as a non-executive director, an advisor or even as representative of the investor.