Christian has interesting Podcast guests from around the world

Following extract of his guest list will give you a taste for the personalities he has had on his show “The Growth Zone” that is published on platforms such as iTunes, Audible, Gaana, Spotify, Soundcloud and Google Podcast.

Ana Raynes (US)
Angela Henderson (AU)
Arjun Rai (US)
Brandi Bernoskie (US)
Brian Mac Mahon
Brett Putter (UK)
Bryan Clayton (US)
Carl Allen (UK)
Carter Wilcox (US)
Crista Grasso (CA)
Damion Lupo (UK)
Dan McGaw (US)
Daniel Glickman (US)
Daniel Mangena (US)
Darius Tan (SG)
Dave Schneider (US)
Epi Nekaj (SG)
Heather Dominik (US)
Ira Wolfe (US)
Ishu Singj (CA)
Lisa Sutton (US)

James Kandasamy (CA)
Jeff Chastain (US)
Jennifer Peek (US)
Jeroen Corhout (BE)
Jessica Rhodes (US)
JJ Caffey (US)
Joe Sullivan (US)
Maceo Jourdan
Mark Kumar (US)
Matt Johnson (US)
Naira Perez (US)
Oren Greenberg (UK)
Peter Kozodoy (US)
Sam Schutte (US)
Stacy Bahrenfuss (US)
Steve Brown (US)
Steve Rogers (US)
Susan Meier (US)
Tony Guarnaccia (US)
Tracey Bissett (CA)
Veronica Sagastume (US)

Are you considering to be a guest on the popular show?

Are you a highly motivated entrepreneur, business leader or technology innovator with a proven track record? Do you have something of value to share with Christian and his listeners?