This is the Supplement Material for TISAX Book written by Christian Bartsch (ISBN: 9798865062653 paperback; ASIN B0CNPQS83W Kindle)


Here you will find a variety of checklists in different languages (English, German, Dutch):

  • TISAX Document Checklist
  • TISAX PreAssessment Checklist
  • TISAX Surveillance Assessment Checklist

Videos - Introduction to TISAX

Here i will be linking to a variety of videos introducing the topic of TISAX in regards to implementation and audit.

Training for TISAX implementer and auditors

Besides a variety of books to read, you are best adviced to sign up for TISAX trainings. Here you will soon find a list of courses (classroom, video on demand or virtual classroom).

  • TISAX Implementer ( | virtual classroom)
  • TISAX Auditor ( | virtual classroom)